Dingman Township, Pike County, Pennsylvania


Press Release Concerning the Situation at Mount Haven

August 8, 2016


Press Release

There has been much interest by members of the public in the recent purchase of the Mount Haven Resort by certain entities. Buying real estate does not require Township approval. We were not notified about the sale in any formal way before it took place nor would we be. The Township would have had no legal basis to interfere with the sale had we received such notice.

The use of the property is a different matter. Any use of the property must be consistent with township land use regulations. Construction on the site must be consistent with the Township enforced state building code. Any sewage issues must be handled consistent with the Township enforced state sewage regulations. The state has a direct role in water quality and other health regulations. The Township is not involved in those matters but would cooperate with the state on any issue that might arise.

No application has been made to the Township for any permits. A request for a certificate of use has been requested for resort use. That request could only be granted if the present use is consistent with Township land use ordinances and that analysis is ongoing. If such a certificate is issued by the Zoning Officer the Supervisors would have notice of it at their next township meeting which would rarely be more than two weeks after it is issued. The public would then know about it and the Supervisors and/or the public would have an opportunity to take whatever action they deem appropriate to legally protect the interests of affected people in the township.  It has been suggested that one Supervisor’s role as an attorney in the purchase of this property had and has an impact on what the Township does. That is not accurate. Mr. Mincer had recused himself and has not been involved in any discussions or any actions that the Township has taken or may take in the future related to this property. The role of the Township is limited to the matters outlined in this statement.  Beyond our direct jurisdiction we would cooperate with any other governmental entities that have any role in overseeing what takes place on this property just as we have done with other property within the Township.