Dingman Township
                           Pike County, PA        




Open Records Policy

Dingman Township has a long-standing tradition of providing openness in government and stands committed to the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law.  It is also Dingman Township’s goal to provide prompt and courteous service to the public.  In order for the Township Staff to expedite requests for copies of records and documents, the Dingman Township Board of Supervisors has promulgated the following policy for the request of records and documents:

1.            Verbal requests often result in miscommunication.  Therefore, all requests should be made in writing on the form provided by the Township. 

2.            All requests must be as specific as possible as only the information requested will be provided.  Do not expect the Township Staff to “read your mind” or guess what you may require.

3.            People requesting records shall not be required to disclose the purpose of the request.  However, if privacy is not an issue, the requester is advised to discuss the request with an appropriate Township Staff member.  The Staff member may be able to assist by helping the requester refine the request or recommending additional records that may be of service.

4.            Record requests may be submitted in person weekdays (except legal holidays) at the Township Office between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM.

5.            Record requests may be mailed to the Township Office at the following address:

Open Records Officer

Dingman Township Municipal Building

118 Fisher Lane

Milford, PA  18337

6           Record requests may be submitted by electronic means at any time.  Requests should be sent by facsimile to (570) 296 – 2150 or by e-mail to right-to-know@dingmantownship.org. Records not received by 4:00 PM shall be considered received at the start of the next business day.

7.           All records requests must be directed to the Dingman Township Open Records Officer.  The Open Records Officer for Dingman Township shall be the Township Secretary, Susan Mikulak.

8.           Dingman Township may charge fees that are consistent with the Act.  The fees shall be incorporated into the Township fee schedule.  Records will not be released if any applicable fees have not been paid. 

9.           The Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law requires that the Township’s Open Records Officer redact certain information specified by the law.  Therefore, do not expect the requested record to become available at the time in which it is requested.

10.          The Township staff will provide the record requester with copies of the appropriate records.  The staff cannot collate, complete forms, or otherwise assemble the records or data into another form for the requester.

11.          The Dingman Township website (www.dingmantownship.org) contains a large amount of information that is commonly requested.  The public is advised to peruse the Township’s website first before making a document request.

12.          Businesses are hereby advised that documents submitted to the Township may become public documents that are available for public review and copying.  If your submission contains confidential proprietary information or bona fide trade secrets (as defined by the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law) you should include with the submission a written statement that the information is confidential.  The Open Records Officer shall review the statement and will redact the information where appropriate.

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