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Problems with PennDOT ?

 Dingman Township receives numerous complaints each month about the maintenance (or lack thereof) of the State Roads running through the Township.  Be assured that the  Board of Supervisors is working hard to bring these concerns to the proper authorities.  If you experience problems with plowing, potholes, or other safety concerns on State roads, you are advised to contact PennDOT and the elected officials that oversee them to express your concerns and opinions.

When contacting PennDOT or your elected officials, please keep in mind the following:

1.  Be specific -  PennDOT can't fill potholes they can't find.

2.  Be concise - Nobody is going to read a 20 page letter.

3.  Be sure its a PennDOT Road  (click here - to see a list of PennDOT Roads)

4.  Reference the SR number and not the road name.  (click here to get SR numbers)

5.  Regular letters carry more weight than e-mail (But feel free to send both).

6.  Avoid threats (no matter how mad you are, threats are against the law).


PennDOT - Pike County Office

Pike County Manager

P.O. Box 1509

Milford, PA  18337

(570)  296-7193


PennDOT - District 4-0 Headquarters

District Executive

P.O. Box 111

Scranton, PA  18512

(570) 963 - 4061


PennDOT - Harrisburg

Secretary of Transportation

Keystone Building

400 North Street

5th Floor

Harrisburg, PA  17120



PennDOT Maintained Roads in Dingman Township


Interstate 84                               

US - 6             




SR- 1009         Frenchtown Road

SR-2001        "Oh - One"           


SR- 2006        Log Tavern Road

SR- 2009        Raymondskill Road

SR- 2011        Sawkill Road

SR-2013        Milford Beach Road

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