Dingman Township
                           Pike County, PA        




Whether you are a life-long resident, have recently relocated here, or are a weekend and summer homeowner,  we hope that you will find Dingman Township a place you are proud to call home.

Although growing in size, Dingman Township still enjoys a rural lifestyle with friendly neighbors and people who care.  Volunteerism is an important part of life in a rural community.  Residents depend on their neighbors to provide many of the services often provided by city governments.

Our residents can take pride in that Dingman Township is served by two of the finest fire departments and ambulance corps in the area.  Both are staffed entirely by volunteers, your neighbors dedicated to protecting your life and home.  But with the addition of every new resident, these services increasingly become stressed and more volunteers are needed.  Can you help?

Both fire departments are in dire need of firefighters.  The departments will provide all the training and equipment.  But without the proper accompaniment, the best equipment is worthless.  Both ambulance corps are also in need of drivers, first responders, and EMT's.  Again, no experience is necessary.  All the equipment and training is provided.  If you don't think you are physically fit enough, or don't have enough time, there are other services that you can provide.  Volunteers are always needed to help in fundraising and other activities related  to these groups.

Get involved!  By donating a few hours of your time each month you can help to save lives, keep taxes low, and keep Dingman Township the best place to live in Pike County