Dingman Township
                           Pike County, PA        


Road Department

There are four types of roads in Dingman Township:  State Roads, County Roads, Township Roads, and Private Roads.  The Dingman Township Road Department plows and maintains the Roads that are owned by the Township. 

The Roadmaster for Dingman Township is Shane Williams.  The Road Department does not maintain public office hours but a message can be left at the Road Department's message center which is checked throughout the day.  It is important to note that the Road Department can only work on Township roads.  They can not plow or maintain private roads or those owned by the County or the State. 

Property owners that adjoin Township roads are responsible to keep their trees properly trimmed and are prohibited from pushing snow into the road. 

To prevent damage, there is a 10 ton weight limit on all Township roads during the Spring thaw.

A permit is required to install a driveway that enters upon a Township road and a permit is required to pave an existing driveway that enters upon a Township Road.

To leave messages for the Road Department call (570) 296-2140.

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