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A Guide to Help You Avoid Violating

The Dingman Township Fire Protection Ordinance and Related Ordinances



In 1999 Dingman Township enacted Ordinance 5-99, “An Ordinance Regulating Outdoor Burning” commonly referred to as the “Burning Ban Ordinance”. The Ordinance allows the Board of Supervisors to ban all outdoor burning during times of drought or seasonal dryness. During this time, no outdoor burning is permitted.

In 2003 Dingman Township enacted Ordinance #01-2003, “The Fire Protection Ordinance of Dingman Township”. In addition to establishing fire safety requirements for new developments and commercial businesses, the Ordinance specifies when, and under what conditions, a person may burn on their property. This Ordinance governs all types of fires including: campfires, cooking fires, garbage burning, brush burning, and stump burning.

In 2013 Dingman Township enacted Ordinance 02-2013 which, among other things, prohibits the burning of garbage.



Burning Ban:  An area-wide prohibition on outdoor burning imposed by a government body (local, state or federal). Absolutely no fires are permitted during the period in which a burning ban is in effect. This includes campfires. Violators are subject to fines and penalties that may exceed $1500.00 per incident.

Campfires:  Article IV Section 4.03 of the Fire Protection Ordinance defines a camp fire as an open outdoor fire contained in a fire ring of rocks or other similar barrier, having a diameter of four feet or less, and ignited for the purpose of cooking or aesthetic purposes.  Campfires do not include fires ignited for the purpose of burning trash or debris.

Contained Fire: A fire set or maintained in an outdoor fireplace, incinerator or other fireproof container.

Uncontained Fire:  Any fire not meeting the definition of a contained fire or a campfire.


General Rules for all Outdoor Fires:

These rules apply to all outdoor fires except those maintained in a gas or charcoal cooking or heating appliance.

No fire shall be set, maintained, or allowed to smolder during such times that a BURNING BAN has been placed into effect by the Dingman Township Supervisors, County of Pike, or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

No fire shall be set or maintained in any manner that may endanger a building or property except when said fire has been set and maintained by the fire department for training purposes.

No fire shall be set or contained within 25 feet of any building or combustible material storage container.

Except for campfires, no fire shall be allowed to burn or smolder between the hours of 10PM and 6AM.

A responsible adult who shall remain within a reasonable distance must supervise outdoor burning. An adequate supply of water, fire extinguishers, or other acceptable fire suppression method or device must be kept in close proximity to the fire.



In addition to the general rules, campfires may only be set by an adult resident of the property or in designated areas of government land, public or private campgrounds.

All campfires must be contained in a fire ring or circle or rocks no more than 4 feet in diameter. Ten (10) feet around the campfire must be raked clear of all leaves, twigs, and other combustible debris.

Water or fire extinguishers, of an adequate amount to extinguish the fire, must be kept in close proximately to the campfire.

Campfires must be supervised at all times and must be extinguished prior to the person maintaining the fire going to sleep or leaving the area.

No campfires may be ignited, maintained, or allowed to smolder during a declared burning ban.

Campfires must be extinguished prior to the person maintaining it going to bed or leaving the area.

Contained Fires:

Contained fires are those set and maintained in an outdoor fireplace, incinerator, or other fireproof container.

Contained fires shall be used only to burn readily combustible material not otherwise prohibited by any other applicable State or local regulations.  Garbage burning is prohibited.

Uncontained Fire:

Uncontained fires are all outdoor fires other than contained fires or campfires.

Prior to setting an uncontained fire, the property owner shall call the Pike County Communications Center (570-296-7700) and notify the operator of the location, duration, and person responsible for the fire.

No uncontained fire shall be maintained unless constantly attended by at least one responsible adult.  The responsible adult must be in close proximity of the fire and not inside a house or other building.

No fire shall be permitted to allow hot embers or ashes to leave the boundaries of the property in which it was set.

No uncontained fire may be set during adverse weather conditions.  In particular, burning on windy days must be avoided.

Uncontained fires must immediately be extinguished if so ordered by the the fire department or township enforcement personnel.

Garbage Burning:

Garbage burning is strictly prohibited.



This brochure is intended to be a guide to assist the reader in burning lawfully in Dingman Township. Should there be conflicts between this brochure and the Township Ordinance referred to herein, the Ordinance shall prevail. Ordinances may be revised from time to time. This Guide is based solely on the Dingman Township Ordinances referred to herein. Other Federal, State, and/or local laws may also be applicable and may  contradict to the information presented here.




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